Spring 2016

On April 19, Wilde Press Launched a memoir, Gay by May, and a collection of interconnected short stories, These Thoughts that Hold Us.

Gay By May CoverGay by May by David Carliner 

Gay by May, written by David Carliner, is a funny and honest account of some of his life stories. True to the title, many of the stories are about Carliner navigating his love life and figuring out his sexual identity. The book also breaks up a lot of the personal essays with lists and tweets for a fun and quick read. Carliner’s novel can be reminiscent of many of the novels that have been written by comedians lately, since Carliner is a comedian himself and brings a lot of that humor to his book.”

—Lauren Lopez, Blog Writer for Atlas Magazine

“David Carliner loves kale and has never been to Vermont. He aspires to one day have a job. His ranking of the Shrek movies is 2, 1, 4, 3, and his ranking of the Home Alone movies is 3, 1, 2, 4”

—David Carliner



These Thoughts That Hold Us

These Thoughts That Hold Us by Sarah Cummings

“Sarah Cummings is a writer to watch, to follow her arc. She’s fearlessly honest and frequents the dark side. Don’t lose track of her shadow as she moves into the light—or the night.”
—Daniel Weaver

These Thoughts That Hold Us, written by Sarah Cummings, is a collection of interconnected short stories that are woven together by the common theme of mental illness and what seems to hold people together when everything else is falling apart. Cummings connects the five narratives by having the characters appear in each other’s stories, no matter how small the role may be, to establish that mental illness can affect anyone and it’s all connected.”

—Lauren Lopez, Blog Writer for Atlas Magazine

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