Spring 2015

On April 28th, Wilde Press launched a collection of poetry, When the Gardner Has Leftand a collection of absurdist short stories, The Incredible Superfets.

cover photo by Hanna Rose Katz


When the Gardner Has Left by Kieran Collier

“Kieran Collier navigates the science of grief and loss with a deft hand. These are poems that speak of bodies that are gone from our physical space but live on through crisp and heartfelt images, a strong and beautiful narrative, and an emerging and necessary voice.” – Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, author of The Crown Ain’t Worth Much

“Through collecting the small intimate moments of his mother’s too-short time with his family, Collier honors loss and life in the same breath. He calls his mother back to her own breath, takes ours away, then offers it back.” – Emily O’Neill, author of Pelican



The Incredible Superfets by Michael J. Schuck

Within this collection, the dedicated reader will find:

13 tear-jerking plot points

11 particularly disorienting paragraphs

9 short stories

7 endnotes

6 lingual experiments

5 pathetically lonely individuals

2 desperate letters

1 horribly deformed rabbit

1 perfectly healthy rabbit living in the wild

1 true essence of Western Pennsylvania

1 desert sunset

Praise for The Incredible Superfets:

“Mike seems to have turned out okay.” – Joe Schuck, Dad

“This book has the best chance of being the best book I’ve ever read as every other book I’ve never read.” – John Babcock, Banana Republic sales associate

“A […] book.” – Clare Fuller, Five Cent Sound Magazine

“Michael Schuck’s The Incredible Superfets is a backstage pass to places both utterly recognizable and more-than-a-little weird. From Arizona to Amsterdam, these stories take you inside the party, beyond the webcam, under the mask, into the darkening foothills, and down the rabbit hole, revealing lives that are comic, tragic, ordinary, and bizarre. Read this collection, and see things you never knew were right in front of you. Read this collection… and feel strange.” – Kevin Miller, Emerson College professor

“Reading Michael Schuck’s Superfets is virtual surreality. Here Italo Calvino meets Etgar Karet on their way to drink mango mimosas with Philip K. Dick. This is the imagination uncorked. This is the real deal. You’re having so much fun saying, “Huh?” that you don’t even notice how much you’re learning about yourself. Superfets is a remarkable debut!” – Richard Hoffman, Emerson College professor



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