Spring 2013


On April 26th, Wilde Press launched a surrealist novella, The Mousetrap Rose, and an illustrated collection of children’s poetry, Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos?

CJ Nadeau The Mousetrap RoseThe Mousetrap Rose by cj nadeau

From the mind of cj nadeau comes a dystopian world deprived of emotion. Through the constant influx of pills, people in the city of Norfolk don’t see the flaws in front of them. They go through each day repeating the same actions over and over again, erasing memories or dreams that are too “stressful.” Tom is no exception.

Until he meets Cat.

She opens up his eyes from the blurred images of the city to something dangerous and beautiful—real emotion. Along the way Tom will question the absent-minded world around him, discovering the supernatural characters that pull the strings behind the scenes. And one question will be answered: Can on person make a difference? or are we all just meant to go through the motions and live an average life?

Praise for Mousetrap

“[cj nadeau] is an inspired surrealist, whose stories are playful, disturbing, and founded in real feeling.” —Dewitt Henry, founding editor of Ploughshares

The Mousetrap Rose is available for download via the author, here.


Donnie Welch Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos? by Donnie Welch

with illustrations by Jon-Paul LaFerriere

Flamingos may be in the running for best dressed, but they aren’t the only ones at the Party in Donnie Welch’s wondrous book of poems. Inside you may catch a case of the grufflescuffs, meet Eric the Barbarian, dream of the What’sitmacalled, or find a bear in the closet. You may find yourself questioning what exactly a cheesecake is (chocolate cheddar or vanilla mozzarella?), or choosing between becoming an amateur chainsaw juggler or a lion tamer.

Donnie Welch’s new poetry collection captures the world throuh the young, bright eyes of a child. His poems not only recognize the wonderment of a child’s imagination, but also the sometimes paralyzing anxiety and uncertainty a child can feel. Each poem focuses on the surprising complexity of a child’s fears, hopes, and dreams. Whether they’re concerned over swallowed gum or contemplative of the beginning of the universe, Welch makes it clear that children are more ingenious than simple.

Praise for Flamingos

“Welch’s deft rhymes and imaginative torques are sure to seduce readers of all ages, so step right up and prepare to be charmed.” —Peter Jay Shippy, author of A Spell of Songs




Pub Club books blend youth, experience” from The Berkeley Beacon

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