Spring 2011

In April 2011, Wilde Press launched You’ll Miss Me, But That’s Good.


You’ll Miss Me But That’s Good by Michelle Cheever

There are people who can heal you, people you think you love, and people you’ll ultimately forget. The character in You’ll Miss Me But That’s Good are orphaned from reality, seeking homes in yoga mats, puppies, subway stations, or the open road. The relationships found between these characters, though sometimes not typical, are nevertheless drawn with unique acuity of insight into what brings people together. These characters strive for a love that’s just out of reach, and are brought to life with a cynical wit and freshness by Cheever that stands out from the first page.

Praise for You’ll Miss Me

“This is the real thing. The themes of loss, sexual awakening, and betrayal that course through this book ignite stories that explode from the page.” —Thomas McNeely, Atlantic Monthly contributer

“Cheever has assembled a wonderful cast of characters whose observations about their complicated lives are delivered with a remarkable eye for detail and a sweet, keen knowledge of the workings of the heart.” —Pamela Painter, author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know