Spring 2010

In April 2010, Wilde Press launched This Is Not Profanity.

71e49ba39618bf1419818bcad920eb74This Is Not Profanity by Matt DeFaveri

Matt DeFaveri, the five-year-old boy who only eats rainbow bread, wrestles with the challenges brought on by his Tourette’s in different school and social scenarios. He makes a few special relationships along the way, and the bond we see with his family has a profound impact on his young life. Through tragic episodes of childhood hearbreak and hilarious attempts to make him more comfortable with his Tourette’s, DeFaveri shares with us the story of a young boy wanting to fit in while at the same time loving what makes him different.

Praise for Profanity

This Is Not Profanity is a touching story of a young boy who struggled to be ‘normal’ when all about him seemed a torment. It’s the story of how a vivid imagination, a devoted mother, an engaging teacher, and a fierce self-discipline conspired to make him part of something great.” —Jeffrey L. Seglin, ethics columnist, New York Times Syndicate

“With honesty, humor, and a spot-on look at school, family, boys-and-girls (and the-birds-and-the-bees), Matt DeFaveri gives us the truth, both barrels, about growing up with Tourette’s. This Is Not Profanity is funny, heartbreaking, informative, and inspiring. DeFaveri is a young writer to watch.” —Richard Hoffman, author of Half the House: a Memoir