Fall 2015

On December 8th, Wilde Press Launched a novella, To the Strangers, from Far Away, and a collection of short stories, Venetian Blue and Other Obscene Colors.


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To the Strangers, from Far Away by Bailey Tamayo

“When you walk into one of Bailey Tamayo’s stories, your neurons go on full alert. Bailey’s prose is smart and well observed, bursting with bon mot and perfect detail. Her world—and her otherworldly worlds—are logical and full of heart […] A pleasure to read.” – Risa Miller, Winner of the PEN Discovery Award

“A lovely, lyrical story about what makes us human, even when we are not. Haunting and bittersweet.” – K. McLaren, author of Jump at the Sun, named  a 2007 Fiction Honor Book by both the Massachusetts Center for the Book and the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.





Venetian Blue and Other Obscene Colors by Sahalie Angell Martin

Venetian Blue and Other Obscene Colors renders a world profoundly sundered, guileful, grief-stricken, unsafe. Communities swallow themselves up in the style of Shirley Jackson, and in the style of Kafka, people are existentially lonesome. Yet Martin’s is no less a world full of color, where the technicolor dreams of children, the blaze orange of arson, and the hushed watercolors of Venice bleed through the page. It is here—in color, in imagination, in lyricism, in fleeting compassion—we might be redeemed.” – Dr. Lynne Feely





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