Fall 2014

On December 9th, Wilde Press launched a collection of poetry, Hypergraphiaand a young adult fantasy novella, The World from Jar.

Hypergraphia by Brenna Kleiman

In her early teens, Brenna Kleiman suffered from hypergraphia, covering herself in nonsense words when no other writing surfaces were available. Taking inspiration from those experiences and the many others in her life, Kleiman explores relationships with her self, her family, her romances, and the liminal spaces between. Filled with themes of heartbreak, disorientation, mythology, and the bittersweetness of existence, Hypergraphia finds hope between lines of uncertainty and confusion, among images of lonely parties and Cape Cod Vacations.

Praise for Hypergraphia

“I couldn’t stop reading Hypergraphia. It makes so much sense. It’s full of understandings of small and beautiful torments; explorations of memory-stories and strange realities. I love the way Brenna Kleiman puts words together.” Chelsea Wolfe

“This collection of poems, in their multiple forms and exquisite sense of the quotidian and the sublime, is a remarkable debut book. Brenna Kleiman’s voice is as wise as the Athena she invokes and as fresh as the ground she breaks.” Dr. Maria Koundoura


The World From Jar by Rebecca Crandall

Indigo has lived her whole life in a jar.

At least, that’s all she can remember. As a flit, a tiny fairy-like creature, Indigo’s sole purpose is to wait until she is chosen to animate a puppet and become a human child.

But all that changes when Indigo’s jar is stolen. She is thrown into the adventure of her dreams as she sees the world with the strangely familiar thief and his unusual partner.

In her debut novella, Rebecca Crandall creates a fantastical fairy tale world while questioning the value of personal choice and the search for belonging.

Praise for The World From Jar:

“Rebecca Crandall’s World From Jar is a story of uncanny compassion; it’s a miniature marvel that delights and discomforts, and reminds us of the essential power of wonder, joy, and freedom.” Roy Kamada



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