Esperanza is Rising

ESPERANZA RISING opened last Friday. Pam Munoz Ryan, the author of the book, was on hand for talkbacks Friday and Saturday, and did a book signing on Saturday afternoon. There was another talkback on Sunday about immigration. The dramaturgs have also made a short film about immigration, which is playing in the lobby of the Cutler Majestic Theatre.

There are two more public performances–Friday at 7:30 and Saturday at 2pm. The blog has a lot more in depth information about the show, and there is a study guide available for download. When you come to the theater, make sure you visit the lower lobby and see the dramaturgical display.

Don’t miss this show!

Mid Semester Check in

This is always the craziest time of the year for Emerson Stage. Two shows have gone up, INCORRUPTIBLE and SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR (entries to be posted on both later this week). ESPERANZA RISING just loaded into the Cutler Majestic, and opens on November 13. ILLYRIA is in rehearsal–the music has been learned, and the book work is in progress. X DANCE is in rehearsal. The three SHORT PLAYS BY WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS have been chosen, and auditions are next week. NEWFEST submissions for the Rod Parker Playwrighting Award are due November 12, which means that Joe Antoun and his reading committee will start processing the submissions, of which we hope there are many. And the INTO THE WOODS director and design team have started to meet.

In addition, we are starting to look at ideas for next season, with the hopes of getting that chosen before winter break.

And then there are classes, mid terms and the attempts by all to stay healthy.

Daunting. Yet, as is the wont in theater, tremendously inspiring. The collaborative nature makes the work more enjoyable. The hard deadlines of an opening night provide focus. And the talent and dedication of our students, faculty and staff make the process a learning one.

Hopefully you came to see INCORRUPTIBLE and SIX CHARACTERS. Don’t miss ESPERANZA RISING. And get your tickets to ILLYRIA.  The NEWFEST winner will be announced in December.

And then we will rest. For a bit.

Hello from the Costume Shop!!

e’ve been working hard down here on the second floor to make sure all the shows look spectacular!    I took some pictures so you could all have a sneak peek.  



Rory is working on Jack’s costume.
Thumbnail image for 100_5262.JPG
Rafael and Nick are patching it up. 

There’s something quite fun about taking a new garment and beating it up.

Recognize this?   You’ll never guess how we are reusing it in Incorruptible.   Guess you’ll just have to go see the show and figure it out!!

And a few from Six Characters.

Charlotte working on a shawl.  She’s always that happy!
Except when it comes to leotards!

Mock up of the Mother.  Wait until you see it in the real fabric.
Courtney (Who is the designer for Illyria)  working on a collar for Six Characters.

More to come, so stay tuned!


Just because I like it!

And another ship sets sail!

On Monday our production of ESPERANZA RISING started rehearsals. ESPERANZA RISING is our TYA production in the beautiful Cutler Majestic Theatre, and will run from November 13-21. The play by Lynne Alvarez is adapted from the children’s book by Pam Muñoz Ryan. It also has music by Victor Zupanc. We are very fortunate that Héctor Martínez Morales is working with us as the musical director, and Roxanne Schroeder-Arce is directing.
esperenza v1c 4x5.jpg

Welcome to the 09-10 Season!

Emerson Stage is the producing arm of the Department of Performing Arts at Emerson College. This blog will have entries over the course of the season, giving you insight about how we work, and what it takes to get a production up and running, and who some of us are. Check back with us often–and let us know what you think!

Two Ships Launched

In my mind, I liken the eight full productions of our season to eight ships tincorr.JPGhat set sail, have great adventures and then arrive back in port to share their bounty with our audiences. In this, the second week of classes, we have launched two such ships.

Incorruptible, by Michael Hollinger and directed by Benny Sato Ambush (right), started rehearsal on the first day of classes. This dark comedy about the dark ages will go up (arrive) at the end of October (22-25), during Parents Weekend.

Six Characters in Search of an Author, directed by Courtney O’Connor, had its first rehearsal last night. Our production of Luigi Pirandello’s play will use the Robert Brustein translation. Here’s a photo from the reading:

While this is an impressive sized cast (17 actors, seated in the circle with the director, stage managers, dramaturgs and assistant directors in the first row seats), as impressive is the production team behind the scenes:


One of the messages of this blog is how many people it takes to get these ships back into port. The shows websites will list the names. This blog will give you some insight as to the roles they all play.