The DRAMATURGY CONCENTRATION at Emerson was launched in 2008 by Prof. Magda Romanska. The program is intended to offer students interested in the area wide-ranging opportunities to explore the profession. Since contemporary dramaturgs engage in variety of tasks related to both the production process and institutional management, the goal of the curriculum is to provide students with training all aspects of dramaturgy:

1) Production Dramaturgy (play analysis, contextual research, text preparation and oversight, program and study guide notes, lobby displays, post-show talkbacks);

2) Institutional Dramaturgy (dramaturgical leadership and literary office management, season planning, new play development, curatorial planning, audience outreach);

3) Dramatic Criticism (theatre criticism and scholarship, translations, publishing, theatre journalism, and editorial work);

4) Transmedia Dramaturgy (interdisciplinary and new media dramaturgy, video and film collaboration and devising);

5) Social Media Dramaturgy (social media and audience outreach, peer collaboration and social networking, online curatorial approaches and virtual theatre).

Since the dramaturgy concentration at Emerson includes production work, as well as research combined with analytical thinking and writing, the potential career options can extend to venues outside of theatre, such as film and television script research, play/script writing, and academic pursuits. The program’s emphasis on a conceptual framework that includes both artistic and scholarly approaches prepares the students to assume leadership roles within their professional communities.

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