Beth Gilchrist Wins a Runner Up for the LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Regional Award

Beth GilchristBeth Gilchrist won a runner up for the LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Regional Award for her work on Theresa Rebeck’s O Beautiful. The show was directed by Benny Sato Ambush. Beth’s work was supervised by dramaturgy advisor, Robert Duffley.

The LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award is designed to recognize contributions by student dramaturgs to the conception, development and production of theater within their colleges and universities, or to educational projects in dramaturgy. The philosophical foundation of this award – like that of dramaturgy itself – rests in the belief that art benefits from examination on the parts of both artist and audience, and that creative inspiration accompanied by analysis and reflection is most likely to lead to productions and projects that fulfill the spiritual, social and personal potential of the theatrical event.

For the show, Beth wrote number of blogs, which can be found here.