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LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 01:  Comedian Russell Brand joins residents and supporters from the New Era housing estate in East London as they demonstrate against US investment company Westbrook’s plans to evict 93 families on December 1, 2014 in London, England. The protestors have taken their demonstration to Westbrooks Headquarters in Mayfair and plan to present a petition to the Prime Minister. WestBrook’s are said to be planning to evict the tenants, refurbish the estate and re-let the flats at full market value. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Brand: A Second Coming with discussion led by Prof Martie Cook

Posted by anna_feder December 3, 2015 Comments are off 175 views

Directed by Ondi Timoner, documentary, UK, 105 minutes, 2015, DCP. Follows comedian/author/activist Russell Brand as he dives headlong into drugs, sex and fame in an attempt to find happiness, only to realize that our culture feeds us bad ideas and empty idols. Through his stand up, Brand explores his own true icons – Gandhi, Che […]


The Boston Palestine Film Festival presents This is My Land with director Tamara Erde

Posted by anna_feder October 20, 2015 Comments are off 270 views

Directed by Tamara Erde, documentary, Israel/Palestine, 94 minutes, 2014, blu-ray How do the Palestinian and Israeli (Arab and Jewish) education systems teach the history of their nations? The film follows several Israeli and Palestinian teachers over one academic year. Through observing their exchanges and confrontations with students, debates with the ministries curriculum and its restrictions, […]


Boston Globe Documentary Festival and Hubweek present Stink! with director Jon Whelan

Posted by anna_feder October 8, 2015 Comments are off 804 views

Directed by Jon J Whelan, documentary, US, 91 minutes, 2015, DCP. STINK! opens with a foul smell and a pair of kids pajamas. And a single father trying to find out what that smell could possibly be. But instead of getting a straight answer, director Jon Whelan stumbles on an even bigger issue in America, […]


She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry with discussion led by members of Our Bodies, Ourselves

Posted by anna_feder October 6, 2015 Comments are off 375 views

Directed by Mary Dore, documentary, US, 92 min, 2014, DCP. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE’S ANGRY resurrects the buried history of the outrageous, often brilliant women who founded the modern women’s movement from 1966 to 1971. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL takes us from the founding of NOW, with ladies in hats and gloves, to the emergence of more […]


I am Michael with director Justin Kelly and writer professor Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Posted by anna_feder September 29, 2015 Comments are off 520 views

Directed by Justin Kelly, narrative (drama), USA, 98 minutes, 2015, DCP. I am Michael depicts the fascinating true-life story of Michael Glatze (James Franco), the charismatic and outspoken co-editor of the iconic XY Magazine. Following a traumatic health scare and plagued by fear, Michael begins to question his beliefs and his identity. He leaves his […]


The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen with director Jennifer Abod

Posted by anna_feder September 22, 2015 Comments are off 264 views

Director Jennifer Abod, documentary, US, 84 min, 2014, blu-ray. For six decades Angela Bowen, classical dancer and teacher, black lesbian feminist activist, and professor has influenced and inspired untold numbers speaking out as strongly for the Arts, Black and Women’s Rights as she has for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The film depicts Bowen’s life across […]

Filmmaker David Thorpe (middle) explores whether there's such a thing as a "gay voice."

Do I Sound Gay? with discussion led by speech-language pathologist Dr Kelly Farquharson

Posted by anna_feder September 17, 2015 Comments are off 656 views

Directed by David Thorpe, documentary, USA, 77 min, 2014, blu-ray. Is there such a thing as a “gay voice”? Why do some people “sound gay” but not others? Why are gay voices a mainstay of pop culture but also a trigger for bullying and harassment? Do I Sound Gay? explores these questions and more and […]

Don't Tell Anyone

AIFF presents: No le Digas a Nadie (Don’t Tell Anyone) with activist Angy Rivera

Posted by anna_feder September 15, 2015 Comments are off 319 views

Directed by Mikaela Shwer, documentary, USA, 71 minutes, 2015, blu-ray. In a community where silence is seen as necessary for survival, immigrant activist Angy Rivera joins a generation of Dreamers ready to push for change in the only home she’s ever known — the United States. Hers is the quintessential American success story: Angy is […]


Award Winning real-life thriller CITIZENFOUR

Posted by anna_feder April 16, 2015 Comments are off 426 views

Citizenfour is a real life thriller, unfolding by the minute, giving audiences unprecedented access to filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald’s encounters with Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, as he hands over classified documents providing evidence of mass indiscriminate and illegal invasions of privacy by the National Security Agency (NSA). The film places you […]


Cannes Queer Palm Winner PRIDE with discussion

Posted by anna_feder April 7, 2015 Comments are off 289 views

Matthew Warchus, 120minutes, UK, 2014 Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers’ families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the […]

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