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Orphan Morphin: Creative Plundering of the Archive with Craig Baldwin

Posted by anna_feder March 24, 2015 Comments are off 14 views

San Francisco filmmaker, curator, and archivist Craig Baldwin will be presenting a feature-length program of both old and new work, consummating in an expanded cinema performance. Mr. Baldwin will introduce sizeable excerpts from more than three titles in his filmography, in order to generate – in a sort of ‘Artist Talk’ mode – an argument […]


Balagan Film Series Presents

Posted by anna_feder March 5, 2015 Comments are off 13 views

Discussion with guest filmmaker In this contentious time for cinema, the Balagan Film Series carves a niche for the offbeat within Boston’s rich cultural scene, for fourteen years running. Screenings take place on a roughly monthly basis at the Brattle Theatre (Cambridge, MA) and various local venues. The Bright Screening Room has become a venue […]

symposium 2

New England Graduate Media Symposium

Posted by anna_feder February 26, 2015 Comments are off 17 views

For the second year the symposium is themed Gender, Technology, Media: Hypothetical Schematic and will showcase projects and scholarships that explore the issues related to the interaction between technology and gender in contemporary media arts practices. This theme raises questions regarding the cultural and political representation of the human body, memories and dreams through technology; […]


Possible Distances: A program of recent motion picture excersions by Rob Todd

Posted by anna_feder February 12, 2015 Comments are off 33 views

This selection of VMA professor Robert Todd’s work in 16mm film will include views of local paradises: Roadside Attractions: on a single city block, a quiet observer of life finds the mystic playground within the shadows, Short: dramatic windings to the surprising glory of summer, May I: a dance for the month of Maying: saying, […]


Special Event: Animation Show of Shows and Discussion with Curator Ron Diamond

Posted by emily_grossberg October 15, 2014 Comments are off 300 views

Special event: Animation Show of Shows Discussion with curator Ron Diamond will follow The Animation Show of Shows is a traveling selection of the year’s best animated short films, curated and presented by Acme Filmworks founder, Ron Diamond. It began in 1998 with the aim of showing the most original, funny, intelligent short animated films […]


‘The Congress’ Screening with Discussion with VMA Faculty Tom Cooper and Anya Belkina

Posted by emily_grossberg October 9, 2014 Comments are off 351 views

Robin Wright stars as an aging actress takes her last role in Hollywood that will digitize her and allow Hollywood to use her alias for years to come. Also starring John Hamm, Danny Huston and Harvey Keitel


Cycles and Voids: Artist Talk and Screening with Evan Meaney

Posted by emily_grossberg September 25, 2014 Comments are off 221 views

A short lecture on the computational value of zero as it applies to art-making and communication, followed by a screening of Meaney’s recent work /a_ceibas_cycle.zip. Evan Meaney is an assistant professor of new media and gaming at the University of South Carolina. His work concerns ghosts, glitches, and the computationally undead. He has been an […]


Boston Creative Pro Users Group

Posted by emily_grossberg September 23, 2014 Comments are off 180 views

Join the Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSCPUG) for another conversation on the process of filmmaking! For updated schedule, visit: http://boscpug.org/next-meeting/
BOSCPUG is a story driven, globally connected network connecting filmmakers and media professionals featuring top industry creatives in conversation on their craft. BOSCPUG is a professional, creative outlet to pitch ideas for episodic content creation […]

BALAGANLunar Almanac

Balagan Presents ‘Outré Montréal’

Posted by emily_grossberg September 18, 2014 Comments are off 252 views

Total running time: 56 minutes Montreal continues to be a source of innovative experimental cinema that is rooted in hands-on, formally adventurous production — thanks, in part, to the exuberant activities of the Double Negative filmmakers’ collective. Co-presented with Balagan Films, this program highlights a number of works from DN members and their friends completed […]

Basement Media Festival with curators LJ Frezza and Nicholas Tamburo

Basement Media Festival with curators LJ Frezza and Nicholas Tamburo

Posted by anna_feder October 29, 2013 Comments are off 261 views

The BASEMENT Media Fest is a survey of contemporary artists working with lo-def, lo-tech, and lo-fi motion pix techniques. Founded in response to the commercial race for hi-res and true-to-life IMG quality, BASEMENT is a celebration of the mediated experience as an aesthetic experience. Equal parts glitchd digital vidz, fuzzy VHS, and grimy 16mm film, […]

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