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The Boston Globe Voices For Change from the 40’s to the Present – 11/7/15

The Berkeley Beacon Director Sniffs out Chem Industry in “Stink!” – 10/15/15

The Berkeley Beacon Bright Lights highlights marginalized voices – 9/10/15

The Boston Globe A New Rating System and a Big Start for Bright Lights – 9/9/15

WBUR ARTery- A Personal Challenge Turns Into A Global ‘Directed By Women’ Film Bash – 8/28/15

Berkeley Beacon- Subject and director screen short doc ‘Stumped’ at Emerson – 4/23/15

Berkeley Beacon- Drawing on depression: Director screens animated film on campus – 4/1/15

Boston Globe- Anna Feder’s Favorites – 2/14/15

Berkeley Beacon- Out of print, out of mind: Director screens documentary about revival theater still projecting celluloid – 2/5/15

Berkeley Beacon- Documentary examines photographer’s life, behind her lens – 11/12/14

Dig Boston- It’s a Wonderful Life: Behind the Scenes with Boston’s Film Programmers – 10/22/14

DigBoston- On Bombing Anniversary, Emerson Reflects  – 4/11/14

Emerson College- Students Learn Anita Hill Story – 3/19/14

Emerson College- It’s All True–Emerson College’s Third Annual Documentary Festival with Special Guest Academy Award-winning Filmmaker Barbara Kopple – 3/13/14

Berkeley Beacon- Getting Vulgar with Bulger: Doc Comes to Emerson, Accompanied by Mobster’s Former Flame – 3/12/14

Emerson College‘American Hustle’ Editor on Campus – 2/4/14

Berkeley Beacon Producer Richard Arlook screens new film – 11/20/13

Berkeley Beacon Hollow’ helps pioneer interactive documentary genre – 9/27/13

Emerson College‘Cow Power’ Shows Manure Energy Benefits – 9/4/13

Emerson CollegeSilversonic! Showcases 16 Student Music Videos – 11/16/12

Berkeley BeaconThe Black Maria Festival Comes to Emerson – 11/15/12

Emerson CollegeEmerson Alumni Featured in Bright Lights Series 10/9/12

The Berkeley BeaconBright Lights: From Occupy to Black Magic 9/27/12

Berkeley BeaconVMA department kicks off Bright Lights series with “Visual Storytellers” 1/28/12

Berkeley Beacon Show Times: The Theatre Bizarre with co-director and alum David Gregory –  1/26/12

Berkeley BeaconShow Times: Bright Lights, Visual Storytellers 1/19/12

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