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The Bright Lights screening and talk series is sponsored by the Department of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College.  The mission of the series is to provide engaging visual media related events to the Emerson College community as well as the wider Boston community. These events range from screening of student, faculty and alumni work to the work of local, national and international artists as well as demonstrations, lectures, discussions and presentations by industry professionals. Bright Lights seeks to create an environment where visual media is not only viewed and appreciated but where a dialogue is fostered and a community of media makers, academics and aficionados are engaged and supported.

All events are free and open to the public. Events take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening during the semester with the exception of occasions when the college is closed (such as holidays, spring break, inclement weather). This series is programmed by the Director of Programming, Anna Feder. If you’d like to inquire about partnering with the Bright Light series please contact us at anna_feder@emerson.edu

Anna Feder has been working with film festivals in various capacities for two decades. Currently, she is a programmer at the Boston LGBT film festival. She serves on the advisory board of Press Pass TV, a position she has held for the past six years. She serves as the Networking Program Manager for the Creative Mind Group advising students and setting opportunities for them at the Cannes film festival. Previous to this, she served as associate director of the Northampton Independent Film Festival and was the director of the Boston Underground Film Festival for seven years.
Anna holds a BA in Film Analysis and Technique from UMass Amherst and an MFA in Film Production from Boston University. She has served as the curator for the Bright Lights series since it’s launch in January 2012.

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